General Maintenance

Simple Tune Up- engine oil, oil filter(s), spark plug(s), inspect air filter. This will cover your most important components of a healthy running engine.

Safety Inspection- Whether you have recently purchased your machine or just want to give your machine a thorough safety check for the riding season, our Safety Inspection checklists are a great way to ensure your safety for the year to come:

Street/Offroad Inspection-  Based on the essential T-CLOCK inspection, this will ensure your safety on your bike, that way you can enjoy the scenery instead of worrying what that awful noise might be.

ATV/UTV Inspection-  over the years of giving bikes a “once over”, we developed a few essential things to look at to ensure your safety on the trails or track.

Full Engine Repair

  • Valve adjustment
  • Top End Repair (piston/ring replacement)
  • Cylinder Boring/Honing
  • Cylinder Replating
  • Bottom End repair
  • Case Splitting
  • Flywheel Pulling
  • Crank Rebuilding
  • Complete Top and Bottom End Repair


  • Custom Roll Cage Creation
  • Roll Cage strengthening
  • Roll Cage Repair
  • Frame Alteration
  • Frame Strengthening
  • Custom Bumper Creation
  • Custom Spare Tire Holder
  • Custom Fuel Cell Holder

Air and Fuel

  • Carburetor Tuning and Maintenance
  • Carburetor Cleaning and Fuel Tank Flush
  • Fuel Injection and Maintenance
  • Deep Water Running/Relocation kit


  • Advanced Electrical Diagnostics
  • Harness Replacement
  • Harness Repair
  • Electrical Alterations/Upgrades


  • Lift Kits
  • Suspension Upgrades
  • Light Bars/Pods
  • Audio Systems
  • Custom Windshield
  • Roof installation
  • Plow Installation
  • Winch Wiring and Installation
  • Tire and Wheel packages

Insurance Claims

  • Frame Repair
  • Frame Strengthening
  • Roll Cage Repair
  • Roll Cage Strengthening
  • Roll Over damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Water Damage
  • Collision Damage
  • Theft recovery
  • Etc... (Not sure if we can help? Call!)

Featured Service Showcase

Polaris Rzr 1000 S Engine Case Repair

Below we have pictured the repair process for completion of two different locations of a broken case.

As you can see, each step was completed with patience and meticulously. This type of repair can be done on any machine.

If you are interested in learning more or would like a quote for repair, contact us!

engine case repair 1 beginning damage
engine case repair before square insert installed for weld
engine case repair perfect fit square insert ready for weld
engine case repair square insert fitment and placement ready for weld 2
engine case repair square insert weld
engine case repair square insert weld prepped
engine case repair square insert polished
engine case repair perfect fit square insert ready for weld
engine case repair before alum insert installed for weld
engine case repair machining alum to creat insert
engine case repair alum insert for seal
engine case repair alum insert installed 2
engine case repair alum insert installed 2
engine case repair alum insert installed 1
engine case repair welded alum insert
engine case repair weld view of alum insert in case
engine case repair reassembled alum insert
engine case repair alum insert installed 1

Featured Service Showcase

2014 Polaris Rzr 800 Portal Gear Lift

portal rzr 4

John Sr. boring a Honda 400EX single cylinder. This is one of our specialty services we offer, in house machine work.

ATV World
ATV World

Owners of off road equipment must remember: Conditions offroad are FAR more damaging than on road conditions - creating the need for more frequent maintenance.


Engine oil should be checked every other ride. * Manufacture Owners Manual is the best way to tell your change intervals - but be proactive!!! Always check your fluids.


Air Intake systems should be checked/cleaned/replaced frequently as well. Does this rule apply to everyone? Well, no, but in our area, certain times of the year will kick up lots of dust, a big no-no for induction systems. Engines are complex vacuums and will suck anything in!!


Here are some pictures of the consequences of not changing your oil frequent enough.


Snap shots of a crankshaft being rebuilt. Out of a Polaris Rzr 800, bottom end rebuild

rzr crank 3
rzr crank 1
rzr crank 4
rzr crank 2
rzr crank 3
rzr crank 4


ATV World

A completed rebuilt crankshaft out of a 2015 Polaris Rzr 570

ATV World

Photo of a Honda Rancher on the lift getting ready for a new CV boot and a simple tune up

ATV World

After removing the old connecting rod, the new rod is placed between the lobes, dialed in to be pressed into place

ATV World

Crankshaft in its final inspection... connecting rod and lobes are true, making crankshaft ready for installation and assembly!